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History of Pakistan

Pakistan emerged on the world map on August 14,1947. It has its roots into the remote past. Its establishment was the culmination of the struggle by Muslims of the South-Asian subcontinent for a separate homeland of their own and its foundation was laid when Muhammad bin Qasim subdued Sindh in 711 A.D. as a reprisal against sea pirates that had taken refuge in Raja Dahir's kingdom. The advent of Islam further strengthened the historical individuality in the areas now constituting Pakistan and further beyond its boundaries. Stone Age Some of the earliest relics of Stone Age man in the subcontinent are found in the Soan ..

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Mr. Tariq Chaudhry
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Urdu Classes
Embroidery / knitting
Science and English grammar (grade 1-12)
Sewing domestic / Industrial
Basic computer
Congratulations to the official opening of PCAE website. It is a great fast way of knowing community news, events, & actions. We all need to be proud of and all thanks to goes to the efforts of the individuals who bring such a great website to our community. We would love to see new & fresh event information. This site brings a complete new world for Pakistani community. Good Job! Keep it up!
Ch.Tahir Masud11-06-2012
This website is a fresh start for PCA Edmonton.Congratulations to PCA Team for doing this wonderful job.I would encourage all my community members in general and our youth in particular to actively take part in PCA activitivities.Proud to be a Pakistani Canadian
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